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4 Living Room Decor Rules You Should Follow This Christmas

Your living room is the centre of your living space. It is a versatile area that gives you a lot of scope for entertaining guests, having close conversations with your loved ones or just lounging on the couch and watching TV. As you want it to look inviting and comfortable, your living room decor deserves all the attention you can give. 

It becomes all the more important in the holiday season when you expect guests for celebrations and festivities. Fortunately, you need not get a designer to design the space – just a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are enough to create an impressive decor. Also, there are some rules you should follow this Christmas while organising and decorating your living room

Rule #1: Create a focal point

First things first, start by creating a natural focal point for the living room. It could be a centre table, sofa, entertainment system, or a large piece of artwork. For the holiday decor, the Christmas tree would make the best focal point. The entire other elements are to be arranged around this centre point that takes the maximum attention. It is the element that anyone would notice first when they enter the room, so make sure that it has enough appeal to impress.

Rule #2: Make it functional 

While aesthetics matter a lot when it comes to living room decor, you also need to ensure functionality in design. You can achieve a functional furniture arrangement by considering the number of people you expect to come over for the festivities. It will simplify the choice of the right number, style, and size of furniture pieces for the room. Also, remember that you will need the right kind of arrangement for placing gifts and food. 

Rule #3: Bring in warmth

Another rule that you cannot overlook while decorating your living room this Christmas is to prioritize warmth. Installing an electric fireplace by MagikFlame is a great idea if you are looking for a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Some rugs for the floor can bring comfort to the feet and add a cosy feel to the room. Deck up the sofa with luxurious fur throws and cushions to bring plush warmth.

Rule #4: Incorporate lighting 

The holiday season is all about happiness and cheer, and adding brightness to your living space could be just the right way to make it look festive. Consider layering the light sources, with one main overhead light combined with different styles and sizes of light fixtures. You can have lamps on the side tables, fairy lights on the Christmas trees, and even candles on the wall shelves. Let natural light pour in from the windows during the day and switch on the lighting after sunset.

Getting your living room ready for the festive season is not only about putting up the holiday decorations. You need to cover the basics, and following these rules lets you handle the project perfectly. So go ahead and prep up your place for your Christmas guests! 

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