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A New Bouncing Baby Deserves a Bounty of Christmas Gifts


There are so many occasions in which baby gift-giving is acceptable and welcome: at the baby shower, when the baby is born and when you first visit the new infant. But the biggest gift-giving season for new parents and their precious offspring will be Christmas. How can you give something unique and Christmas-related, without duplicating gifts they’ve already received for the aforementioned events?

Your first inclination in getting baby gifts will likely go to the standard. For those with money to spend, you might consider:

  • A Tiffany spoon, engraved with the baby’s date of birth or name
  • A silver frame (with engraved name or date)

But how can you make your not-inconsequential present suit the winter holiday? How about an engraved (again, suggestions above) silver Christmas ornament for their tree or to hang in their home as part of their holiday décor? You could engrave it with the baby’s name and date of birth or something like, “[Name of baby]’s First Christmas” with the year. You might want to sneak in a salutation and your name[s] on the back. Think of it this way: every year they decorate and pull out your very special ornament, they’ll be thinking of you and your sweet annually appropriate gift.

So, if you’re thinking of onesies, stuffed toys, rattles, dummies, or hats – those are great ideas, but go with a holiday theme or colour. Picture that sweet baby in elfin garb – green and red outfits. Where you might normally give a stuffed toy bear, duck or doll, how about a Christmas tree (the colours and ornaments – all baby safe, of course – will be a welcome distraction)? Rattles, too, are easily found in holiday-centric designs.

But for a truly beautifully-prepared, thoughtfully-presented gift that will be cherished, you cannot go wrong with purchasing an arrangement from a choice of baby hampers in Sydney.

Baby boxes are available in many different configurations, and you’re likely to find out what will suit your recipients quite well.  Even if your only gifting theme is the baby himself or herself, a baby box is not only beautifully presented, but will also provide the essentials. You can choose a box centred on “Sleepytime”; believe us, that is something any new parent welcomes and loves.  One box set, for example, provides a choice of colour, from mint star to toffee stripe to pink star to blue star. You also have the option to add a Big Sis or Big Bro T-shirt and toy gift pack, too, so no one feels left out. The baby shirts come in a number of charming and whimsical sayings including “Daddy Dressed Me,” “Milk Rocks,” “Sleep Sucks,” “Hands Down 100% Cutest Nephew/Niece Ever (says my fave aunt),” “Daddy’s Little Sugar,” or “Chubby is Cool.” Extras which can be added include bunny ears, Lindt Chocolates, champagne, or a “Baby on Board” sticker.

First Christmas will always be special, but some cultures and communities do have traditions. And, traditions can always be created, too. There are parenting sites that offer tips and ideas on what to give as presents just like an article on Tips and Traditions for Baby’s First Christmas.

If you are an arts and crafts type of person, you may already be familiar with sites such as personal These sites have helpful web pages that offer plenty of very clever and crafty ideas. It may be fun for you to make a gift, too (in addition to one of the greatest gifts you can give, a baby hamper). If you have children who are old enough to participate, you might want to engage them in helping you create a crafted item(s).

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