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Places to Visit on a Golden Eagle Christmas Tour


The Golden Eagle is the premier train on the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway, and if you are planning a trip, Christmas is the ideal time to enjoy the snowy landscapes of Lake Baikal and other attractions. The Golden Eagle Arctic Explorer is a wondrous experience that begins with boarding the train at Moscow, and with that in mind, here are some of the stops that host local attractions for you to enjoy.

  • Petrozavodsk – This city is north-west of Moscow and it is the capital city of the Republic of Karelia, one of the Russian confederation of Republics. Steeped in history, the city is located on the western shores of Lake Onega, which is a picturesque region known for its amazing birdlife. When you visit Petrozavodsk, check out the Round Square and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, both of which are stunning examples of neoclassical architecture.
  • Vladimir – This historic city was founded in the year 990 and is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, mainly due to the amazing architecture, including the magnificent Uspensky Cathedral, built between the 12th and 15th centuries. After spending a day at Vladimir, the Golden Eagle luxury train tour heads back to Moscow to prepare for the journey deep into the Arctic Circle.
  • Suzdal – Just 35 kilometres from Vladimir, the town of Suzdal is a walled city with many amazing old buildings, and this town gives you a glimpse of what Russia was like many years ago. This is one of the oldest towns in Russia and is the smallest of the Golden Ring towns, but most definitely worth a visit.


  • Murmansk – This is a major port city in the far north-west of the country and is only 108km from the border with Norway and 113km from the Finnish border. The city has road and rail connections with the rest of Russia, plus you can ride on the northernmost trolley bus system in the world. 
  • Kirkenes – This is the northernmost town in Norway and you can visit the world-famous ice hotel, situated about 15 minutes from the town. As you would expect, it is very cold in the winter, so make sure you bring suitable clothing, and in the evening, be prepared for a magical display of the Northern Lights, which can be enjoyed on a cloudless night.
  • St. Petersburg – This is the cultural centre of Russia, this city is known as the Ballet Centre of the world, with some stunning local buildings that simply must be seen. This is yet another venue where you can enjoy the Northern Lights, provided there are no clouds, and with so much to see and do in St. Petersburg, you will want to stay there for two days.


The best way to ensure that your tour is to your liking is to book with a well-known Trans-Siberian Railway tour operator, and you can book your berth on the amazing Golden Eagle Arctic Explorer to experience a Christmas like no other.

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