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Decorating Your Bathroom for Christmas

Putting up Christmas decorations can be a delightful thing to do with your family. It helps get you in the mood for Christmas and starts to build excitement for the big day. It’s also a really lovely way to change the style of your home. With the addition of Christmas decorations, your home can look totally different!

However, there are places around your home which can be forgotten when it comes to Christmas decorations. The focus tends to be directed at living and dining rooms, hallways and maybe even kitchens. Your bathroom can be completely forgotten about, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Below are some helpful tips for decorating your bathroom this Christmas which will help spread the Christmas feeling around your home.

Christmas towels and mats

There will always be at least one towel out for use in your bathroom and during the festive season, why not make it a Christmas towel? There is a wide variety of Christmas towels available to buy which can add a lovely touch to your bathroom. Some feature bright patterns and Christmas designs, but you can still add a Christmassy touch with a traditional red, green or gold combination while keeping the design more minimalist.

The same can be said of a bathroom mat to go on your floor. Typically, these are white, grey or even blue to blend in with the light colours of your bathroom. At Christmas, you can change it up, and this will help bring the Christmas feeling into your bathroom. It’s worth looking around to find a design or colour that fits with your bathroom flooring.

Scented candles

You can get some fantastic scented candles all year round, but the ones for Christmas can really make a difference to the feel of your home throughout December. Christmas is heavily associated with some very distinctive scents, so adding a few candles around your home, and particularly in your bathroom can make a real difference.

Lighting candles can help make your bathroom a more relaxing place to spend time. Taking a hot bath on a cold December evening after a long day at work or a stressful time organising Christmas presents can be a great way to de-stress. The combination of the hot water, gentle light from some candles and a Christmassy scent like mulled wine or gingerbread.

Small artificial trees or ornaments

Unless you have a huge bathroom, it’s unlikely you will be putting up a normal-sized Christmas tree. However, you can still decorate your bathroom with smaller items. There are lots of Christmas ornaments you can use in your bathroom. The important thing to remember is that with the amount of moisture in your bathroom, you will need to make sure the ornaments will not be damaged. Look for ones made from plastic or ceramic which will not be damaged by moisture. If you are set on having a small Christmas tree, perhaps placed on top of some drawers or in the corner of a room, look for an artificial one which won’t take up too much space and does not have any electrical lights pre-attached.

If you have any other bathroom decoration ideas for Christmas, please feel free to share them in the comments below for other people to try this festive season.

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